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The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was ratified by the Italian government with Law 18 of March 3, 2009.
Article 31 “Statistics and data collection” of the Convention obliges the States Parties &ldquo to collect appropriate information, including statistical and research data, to enable them to formulate and implement policies to give effect to the present Convention”. Furthermore, “the information collected in accordance with this article shall be disaggregated, as appropriate, and used to help assess the implementation of States Parties’ obligations under the present Convention and to identify and address the barriers faced by persons with disabilities in exercising their rights”.
In compliance with this Article, here are – in an accessible format – the main indicators for monitoring the implementation of the Convention. These indicators have been agreed within the National Observatory on the Condition of Persons with Disabilities-Ministry of Labour and Social Policy based on available official data sources.
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